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I am an American Developer based out Florida.

Marcus Long {



// Orlando, Florida

// With every line of code, I strive to make the web a more user-friendly and fun place.

About Me {

I am a UCF graduate with deep love for programming and computer technology.

Currently I work more with backend development. However, I am always look forward to growing my skill set.

I look for opportunities in all levels of computer programming.

Searching for solutions on how to enhance the world with technology is what motivates me everyday.

I take great pride in the work that I do and believe my passion for my work is what sets me apart from other designers.


My Skills {

• C

• C #

• Javascript




Projects {

I have worked on a few personal projects:

Gamers Delight, Crossword Puzzle, and a Link List to name a few. These projects are in C language.

I’m always working on something on the side.

Currently developing a mix cocktails randomization program. The program will generate a new cocktail from user inputed ingredients on hand.


Education {

Valencia College - Associate in Science Computer Programing and Analysis (August 2019 — current)

CompTIA A+ certification (January 2020)

University of Central Florida – Bachelors of Arts in Film. Minor - Digital Media


Contact Information {





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